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Monday, September 6, 2010

Dryer Sheet Quilt

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I posted about this a while back. Said I was gonna try it. Today, I invested my time. I've made 60 of the dryer squares. I'm using only my scraps - didn't know I had so many until I started this.

Now my scrape pile has been substantially reduced. I want to get around 80 dryer sheets put together and I'll be scraping by to get them.

Did I mention I'm not a quilter? But I'm going to give this my best try. All I have is the instructions from

the picture is a stack of sewn sheets about to be cut to 6 x 8.5 so I can start sewing the blocks together.

Not sure how it will end up. No idea on how I"ll quilt it either...


Regena said...

where do the dyer sheets come into the process?

Crazy Amy said...

the dryer sheets are your base for the squares. you sew the fabric to them and they remain the backing of the square.

Tulsi said...

I was going to take a class on this at the quilt store but didn't make it. I've wondered how this all worked.

Crazy Amy said...

Tulsi it's really not that hard...follow that link in my post - simple least on making the blocks. good luck and let me know if you try it because I'll be struggling over here a while I'm sure

Tulsi said...

Wow, the instructions look so easy. I'll have to try it. I have lots of scraps.

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