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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week of Fun and Games

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So on Tuesday I had a follow appointment with the doctor on my recent shoulder issue. Apparently, the MRI should all kinds of issues - bursas and tears - rotator cuff tears... Dr. McDreamy gave me three steroid shots in and around the joint and referral to and Orthopedic for surgery. I have some fun to look forward to.

Meanwhile, I was able to work on the two quilts from the weekend.

This quilt got a new binding...well mostly, I'll hand finish it tomorrow night.

The Moda Halloween quilt got more free motion quilting. It really takes some practice to get the hang of it right. By the time I finish the strip of free motion, I hope I have some sort of process for this. The outside bands will be quilted with straight lines.


Karen said...

*Ouch* How do you do all this with a sore shoulder???

Crazy Amy said...

i hate to be ideal.

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