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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Traveling and Crafting

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I travel some for work - sometimes a lot. After 7 years of working for the same company, I have found ways to entertain myself when traveling.

Long flights and loads of hours in airports or hotel rooms has driving me to needlepoint and cross stitching.

I've been working on the stitching, "Women Are Angels, When someone breaks our wings, we continue to fly. On a broomstick, we're flexible like that."

So this is how far I've come on this project while flying.

I may finish it by the end of the year...The linen is a pale butter cream yellow and the thread is charcoal hand died floss.

I may frame it for my sister if she is super lucky for christmas.


Karen said...

Do they let you do cross stitch on the plane? YOu could take over the cockpit with the needle..... Do they make you bite off the ends of your threads because as we all know scissors are dangerous weapons in the hands of a terrorist... just wondering :)

Regena said...

seriously, 3" stork embroidery scissors give bird flu to countless people each year!!

Crazy Amy said...

lol all good points. I carry a daisy cutter and I've traveled with needlepoint and cross stitch all over the world and never had a problem.

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