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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PW says I need to Post like I water my plants

As you can see by my blog list, I follow and love to read Pioneer Woman. Today she posted about blogging. Was great to see some guidance on how to do this "better". I'm not the most regular poster, but I am trying to fit it into my daily routine more and more.

I try to type well and have decent grammar - more out of homage to my mom the Grammar patrol queen - than because I hate reading blogs with bad grammar. I don't want my readers to have to translate what I've written into the English language.

So if I blogged like I water my plants...then I'd have sprinklers that would write each night at 10:45 pm for me :).

No, I think she meant house plants. They're on a every 2 week cycle - it's just not that hot here and if I water them more they turn yellow and squishy.

But I promise I'll blog more and diversify and not repeat and attempt to be more interesting.

Now if only I'd remember to charge my camera and have it on the ready so I can add some pictures.


Regena said...

Sometimes, after I read what you are doing, I think that we were separated at birth. LOL

lorijo2003 said...

Thanks for the comment about my aprons! I'm having so much fun with my sewing machine!!

Crazy Amy said...

Regena - I heart you! you are such a dear person. Thanks for visiting

Lori - your aprons are so amazing - I can't believe you can do that with the younguns. so impressive just outstanding

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