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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday Night Baseball and Babushkas

Last night the Rangers lost the World Series. Last night the Giants won the World Series. I don't follow sports much, but this year was interesting. I was able to see the Giants a last month when I was visiting San Francisco and it was nice, just wished I hadn't been so tired that night. What was interesting was that the American and National league champions were not the old regime - no Philly's or Yankees. Just two good teams getting a day in the Big Show.

In other news I made one of the Babuska dolls from the tutorial over at Wee Folk Art.

She came out kinda snarky. Think I'll remove her freckles and see if that helps then stitch a back onto her and stuff her good.

I need to find out what is the best needle for sewing felt because the number 28 I was using just didn't seem to be ideal. Today my index finger is a bit sore.

But on the way home last night I stopped off at Joann's for some fabric to make the hubs new grand niece a little blankie and this is what I found. I hope the satin binding doesn't kick my butt and ruin the blankie.


Karen said...

NO! Don't change her face! I love her personality :)

Regena said...

I like her face.
No comment on the satin binding. Just not a fan.

Crazy Amy said...

tink tink can I post? testing testing?

Amy Fazio said...


Karen said...

Oh...for sewing the felt...get some sharps.......and some bandaids :)

Anonymous said...

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