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Friday, November 5, 2010

The morning after

is not what you think. For me, this means the morning after I spent the night trying to creatively work off stress to find my little crafty room a disaster. Happens a lot around here. Scrapes of fabric everywhere, patterns laying about, cutting board out - all evidence of some craftying debauchery.

As I'm a bit new to the sewing arena, I try to make myself learn one new technique every week (when I'm not traveling). This week the challenge was prairie points. You see I'm in this Christmas stocking swap with some from where I have to make 4 stockings for each of them representing myself. I thought the prairie points would be a good character representation. The ups and downs the fun sassy appeal of prairie points. That's my rational and I'm sticking to it.

Over at Moda Lissa there is a great tutorial on Prairie Points.

I tried this last night and got some decent results.

I also want to try this on the baby quilt for the hub's grand niece...we will just have to see.


Regena said...

Really, is there anything better than a night of crafting debauchery?
Okay, there is, but this is a clean blog!

Karen said... naughty kitten....

So Amy...I am lovin the prarie points. I just may have to try that myself. Thanks for expanding my crafty horizons....again!