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Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Does a Seed Become Something Beautiful?

I soaked up some sweet peas last weekend and got them in a planter on Monday morning before heading to the office.

I know they are a vine, I know they can get big. But this planter is on our front porch, where things tend to get baked and fried in the hot sun on the hot bricks.

I thought sweet peas might just be hardy enough to survive without being a cactus.

Here they are after a week of sunshine in their pot.


Karen said...

I love sweet peas! I had some soaking and planted them last week too! I can't wait for that wonderful smell and those gorgeous blooms!

Regena said...

man, they grow fast!!!

Denise said...

Sweet Peas are so yummy delicious smelling! I Love them! I think I should try and grow some this year too.

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