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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learning more about Quilting

My darling husband put in a sewing order a while back. He uses our guest room for his clothes, archery stuff, motorcycle stuff, etc. He gets up way to early to be waking me up turning on the light to find his work clothes so this works out real well. Well this lead to him wanting a couple of table runners for the guest room dresser and night stand. I've been mulling it over the way I do and finally found a pattern that looked challenging enough yet something I could still do. I found this pattern over at The Fat Quarter Shop and it was a free download! I added one additional square to the pattern to lengthen it.

Then my friend Karen told me about a fabric sale not too far away at Home Fabrics and Rugs.

So off I went and I wound up like this. Did I mention I'm kinda short and had a hard time seeing over the cart?

Then this is what went home with me.

The red with white stars will make a great patriotic table cloth don't you think? Did I mention this was all $3/yard? The camo fabrics and the brown velour stripes will be for another hubs project - something to do with a gun quilt or something...boys!

So here is where I am so far on this table runner project. After a test run on the dresser, I was instructed to add another quilt square to the dresser and that the night stand needs to be 2 quilt squares. This means I need to cut out more fabric and do three more quilt squares. But overall I'm liking the look. Not sure how I will actually quilt it. Maybe by hand this time.

PS to Debbie if you are out there - I haven't forgotten the recipe, I figured I'd make a tutorial and will do it this weekend and post for you!


Regena said...

Love it and do big stitches with pearl cotton!!!

Karen said...

Awesome color combo! I love your ability to match colors and textures to make it interesting. I can totally picture you pushing your cart through all those large rolls of fabric :) Glad you liked it :)

Denise said...

How fun that is! I love the colors too!

jillytacy said...

It looks great! I'm impressed! I'm a wannabe quilter and I know I couldn't make this. Looks complicated!

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