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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I read blogs where people do all kinds of things

that I want to be able to do. They sew, they cook, they sculpt, they quilt...but then there is Missy! She cans! Look at all that goodness on her table. It just blows me away.

I remember helping my mom put up veggies in the summer. She made these awesome spicy pickled carrots that I loved to snack on. As an adult I think they'd be great in a martini.

So I'm on the hunt for some good canning tools - do I go with a pressure canner or a water bath type of pot? I know I need the jar lifter and the bottle tong, a food mill and jar funnel. Does anyone out there have any suggestions or advice they can pass along to me? I'd like to start planning for all those fresh summer veggies.


Karen said...

Can you believe that I bought all the stuff to start canning my own tomatoes last year after my mutant vine took over the backyard and I never used it? I'd still like to give it a shot. A cool website with great info is

Regena said...

I have a bunch of canning recipes. You really only need the pressure cooker if you are doing non-acidic foods. So if you do greenbeans and premade meat sauces, you will absolutely need a pressure cooker. Jams and jellies and a lot of the fruit won't need to be heated so high so a waterbath will be fine.

jillytacy said...

I've only ever canned zucchini relish and blueberry jam so I'm not much help. I can share the zucchini relish recipe with you, it's very yummy. As for tools the jar lifter and jar funnel are must haves, not sure about the rest.

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