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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Could it be Spring?

I am a little bit anxious to get out in my yard and do some planting.

Burpees got me good last week and I ordered a bunch of stuff to get in the ground. I want to be a better gardener and now that I'm not traveling so much for work, I hope I can spend time working on this.

Here are some pictures of last years garden. My spot is a bit challenging as it only gets partial sunlight - my Squash does great but then it ends up getting mildew as it doesn't get enough sun. I'm going to move things around this year and see if I can figure out a good combination.


Regena said...

I feel you shade woes. Good luck and good eating!!

Karen said...

I've been feeling the call of the garden too. I've got a few seeds soaking in the kitchen and I've planted a few in the garden. We'll see how it goes :)

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