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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cool Drinks for Hot Mama's Apron Swap

Did I ever get the most like crazy; like wow swap package yesterday. That queen Regena sent me this stupendous Apron!

It's just so radioactive!

There's this like Apron right out of Mad Men!

Then the place mats are just to divine.

Can you say far out to these dachshund swizzle sticks?

They're just great for my slurg!

Check out these rad tuckins! A gardening journal, some seeds, my favorite magazine and great herb drink recipes! That Regena is a cool cat!

terminology from Slang of the 50's


Regena said...

LOL didn't I just read this somewhere :-)
You really like, you aren't just joshin' me?

Karen said...

You definately scored BIG on this one little Lady :)

jillytacy said...

Regena, you ROCK! Great package, perfect for Amy. The swizzle sticks just scream her name and the tuck-ins are great. Do you know Amy or what?!!