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~Winston Churchill~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Challenges

Each day you wake up and each day you go on about your life. Some days everything falls into place just the way it should. Then on other days, you can't seem to win for trying. How you face these days sets your character as a person. Do you choose to wallow in the misfortunes that came your way? Do you opt to not find that silver lining? For me, I tend to mix it all up. Some days nothing can get me down. Some days I face each challenge head on and move smoothly to the next. Now on those off days when I allow myself to bath in the ugliness, I tend to wake up the next day regretful that I wasted that day to all the negativeness.

What is your favorite way to offset the curve balls that life likes to send your way?


Regena said...

Well, according to my husband, my best and worst trait is going with the flow. My kids will argue that point becasue I am very vocal when they are being lazy daisies, but I just don't seem to be too bothered by anything (except me kids. lol)
Maybe I just had soooo much going on in my youth that as long as you've got your family and your health, the rest is just gravy. and yes, I really like me some gravy!

Karen said...

Wow....tough question. I'd say that my reactions to tough situations depends on what my hormones are doing that day :) Most times I guess I put on my happy face a "push through". Only my hubby gets to see the real me. Poor guy :)

Denise said...

First I cry, then I pray, then I listen to my husband tell me that the cup is half full - not half empty. But it isn't always easy.
Thinking of you and hoping you'll hve a better day tomorrow. :o)

jillytacy said...

I'm a go with the flow girl like Regena. And like you I tend to face the challenge and try to stay positive. Of course I do have my days when I wallow in my misery but I tend to think that attitude is everything, so if you give up you can't win and if you keep trying eventually you'll get where you want to go. Hope today is a better day for you!