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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bathroom Sprucing

After having lived in our house for 4 years, we are finally getting rid of the blue sink. I'm so sure you understand just how much I hate the blue sink. I like blue, when it is the sky or sung by Jonny Lang, but I don't like it as my sink.

Did mention it's stopper doesn't latch anymore and in order to keep it from filling and had to be pulled out? Did I mention the TWO earrings that met their fate down that drain because of it? So now I have two mix match earrings left with no mate?

Then there is the light fixture. It's close to being country, but yet not.

I know it's probably not that bad, but it has blue on it. Who ever installed it put in off center. It's the only light in the bathroom too and considering it's in the sink alcove, the tub area can get a bit dark in the evenings when there is no sunlight.

Let's talk paint job. I seriously think they only painted it to sell the house.

Several areas like this.

And a bunch more like this where the paint was so then you can see the paint color underneath the top paint color.

So today is the beginning of the sprucing up. Lance, our neighbor and friend, owns a painting company. He painted the outside of our house as well as my sewing/office room. Sometime this morning - usually early- he'll come by to start on the paint, baseboards, fixtures, lightening. He says it will take in 2 days and then on Saturday, Patrick, our all around handy man, will come by to install the sink and faucets and any other thing I need done to finish (hang my pictures back up because it took the hubs a year to do it).


Karen said...

How exciting! I love a good make-over!!!!

NadineC said...

Ohhhh, I can understand you wanting to update the loo, but seriously - that blue sink (even with its faults) is so cool!!!

Regena said...

When we moved in and update the 70's themes bathroom, behind the toilet we found silver wallpaper with brown and blue stripes making an almost plaid pattern. I should have saved a piece. the tub, sink and toilet were and still are almond colored. We did get rid of he silver wallpaper and the harvest gold tiles. LOL

jillytacy said...

I can see why you want a change! I can't wait to see the finished bathroom.

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