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Friday, May 20, 2011


I worked a little bit on the modified stacked coins last night when I meant to post a blog post. I had some silly goal to post every day in May. Well I missed a day yesterday. Bummer.

This coin quilt has me all wound up inside. Will it still be a stacked coin if have 4 rows of coins sashed up with a solid color, then another row of 4 coins. Does that make sense? What I'm seeing are these rows of coins that are 4 deep going across the quilt with a mocha fabric sashing between the "bundle" of 4 rows and then stacking this with the other sashed bundels...

mocha row
coin row light
coin row dark
coin row dark
coin row light
mocha row

then finish up with a border and binding.

is it still a stack coin?

Do I need to think this hard about it?

1 comment:

Regena said...

No, just let it will all work out.

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