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Monday, May 23, 2011

Because I didn't get enough done yesterday

I had an early start yesterday weeding the front flower beds. I try to walk through everyday either in the evening or early morning and pull a few weeds. This just helps keep it from looking out of control. But yesterday, I was down and dirty weeding. I have one of those long weed tools that I meticulously pulled weeds with yesterday. For the record, whomever lived in our house and planted the mondo (aka monkey) grass - I'd sure like to have a word with you. That stuff will NOT go away.

Then the hubs came home with a laborer to help removed the lavender hedge in the back yard. But then he also had him remove 4 perfectly good plants around the pergola. I was not thrilled.

Where the lavender was is along the back wall of our house and the dogs loved to tunnel under it, but poor Dazzi is allergic to the blooms and would just itch and itch every year. So we are taking it out.

Break here - the husband took me to the farmer's market to get some fresh veggies - found some yellow peaches and made a cobbler. He also got me some beautiful flowers for the house. :)

Anyone know the name of these? I just loved them.

This meant that I had to relay the edging, clean out the old mulch, fill the holes and prep the soil for new plantings. By I, I mean me, myself, solo, uno. The hubs does not do yard work. But he did buy all the soil, manure, and some additional plants I wanted for the front yard and 4 beautiful hanging baskets to replace the ones he killed off while I was out of town for work. Where the grass doesn't meet the edging is from the lavender overhanging so far out it killed off the grass - but I'm going to change all that.

So I got the beds ready for planting and put in the new yellow lilac and sorbet peony I received last week from Gurney's. The Peony is a tuber not a plant and the lilac is a sapling. So it's a bit bear back there right now. Not to worry, I'll be browsing all my plant company catalogs this week.

Insert shower here and an apricot update.

Then his friend from work who had stored his motorcycle in our garage came to pick up and the hubs invited him to dinner. Make dinner here. Dishes.

Can you believe that dinner was consumed, dishes done by 7 pm? I liked it! I sure wish we did that every night but that would mean I'd have to get home before 7. *ugh*

So what do I do after a few motrin 800's? I work on my candy bar quilt. I get the top done! Now I need to find a backing fabric, binding and the batting to finish it.

It's to date the largest quilt top I've made.

How was your Sunday?


Karen said...

I think I need some ibuprophen just reading about your day! You are amazing Ms. Amy! Love that quilt top too! I've said it before, but you are so amazing at putting colors together! Awesome!

Regena said...

Amen sista!! I'm a beat just reading about it!!
And yes, you are brave and great with color and texture.

jillytacy said...

Phew! I'm tired for you! How do you do it all? My weekends are for relaxing, catching up and if I'm lucky a bit of crafting.

Denise said...

I love the quilt top Amy and you have inspired me to think about doing something similar!

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