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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday Pondering

Last night on the drive home (in my Mini) I saw this adorable vintage Mini on the road. Isn't just too awesome for words?

I've also been trying to work on a small lap quilt for myself out of the Moda candy bar pack I bought last year. Here is a sample of what I've done. Kind of a modified stacked coin.

I think I'm going to add sashing to the strips in a mocha color to add some to the overall finish size.


Regena said...

good job!!! And yes, I'll quilt it for you, but you should try and do it yourself'll be great and great practice!!

Karen said...

Very cute! Where are you going to use it? I love your eye for arranging fabrics :)

Regena said...

She CAN really mix things up and have them work!

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