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Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Monday for Rest from the Weekend?

Needless to say, I over did "it" this weekend. By the time I went to bed last night(actually fell asleep on the sofa until midnight) I could barely walk and talk. I hurt all over and was at the height of crank-y-ness. My poor hands kept loosing feeling or would shake when I'd try to open something like a jar.

On Friday night, I made home made pizza for dinner because the hubs had to work Saturday. Then I worked a little on the Sewing Accessories Swap items until around 10:30. I have to say this swap has been the most challenging to date. It's tested my skill and patience and I hope Nadine likes what I'm sending her.

Saturday rolled around and I was up and outside working in the yard by 7:30. I've found that I may love to garden and see the flowers bloom but it is A LOT of work and has to be stayed on top of almost daily. Then I had to run some errands around 11 in the midst of the laundry and weeding. A while back Karen took me out thrift storing and I found this great little chair for $4 that I need for my sewing table. So I went to Loew's to get the supplies to repaint it. I started this around 1 in the afternoon. Here it is with the primer.

Here it is after the second coat of Valspar Canoe paint in eggshell.

I have a great dark burnt orange and gold fabric I'll recover the seat in one day.

At Loew's I found some mulch and soil in the discount bin that I put out in the front flower beds. 4 bags each. Did I mention I drive a Mini Cooper?

Cut some flowers and took over to Mariann our 94 year old neighbor and spent a little time chatting with her.

Then I worked on finding blinds for the guest room...

The room is a microwave in the mornings with all the sunshine pouring in. I won't mention how I knocked the ENTIRE valance off the large dining room window and had to fix that too.

Then the dogs got baths, the laundry finished (even aired out the comforter outside and washed the duvet and all the bedding)

Now's its only 10pm on Saturday! So I got into bed and did all the hand stitching on the binding for the SAS (see above). Did that clock say midnight?

Flash it's now 6am Sunday and Dazzi is pulling my hair to go outside. Dogs up out and fed and I'm drinking coffee outside on the patio flipping through sewing books. The hubs finally comes home and proceeds to point out all the things I have not done. The fridge. See previous post on the fridge, then no fresh baked goodies, the kitchen trash hadn't been taken out. Do you get the mood setting yet?

So I left to get groceries and get a brisket in the oven so it be ready by dinner time, the farmers market, JoAnns for the seat cushion, Rite Aide for prescriptions, home again to try to finish weeding the front yard and fix the side bed that the lawn guy can't seem to keep edged to keep the grass out of. Worked on the pinto beans on the stove, sewed a little on the SAS swap and of course had to throw in the dresden plates, planted the sunflowers, watered the inside and outside plants. Planned out the hubs "gun" quilt for the shooting range, made squash gratin and finally had dinner at 8pm.

Did I mention it's allergy season too and it was uber hot outside all weekend?


Regena said...

Dang girl!! I have sympathy aches and pains for ya!!
Good job!!!

jillytacy said...

I'm tired and worn out for just reading all that you accomplished! The chair looks great, what a fabulous find. Are you free next weekend, I could use some gardening help at my house. I seem to have a black thumb!

Denise said...

OMGosh! What a busy weekend! Sounds like you got loads accomplished though and I love the chair!

NadineC said...

Amy Amy Amy! I'll like whatever you send me! Not to worry! I'll shuffle off to worry about what I'm sending YOU. LOL :-)

Karen said...

Lovin the color you picked for the chair! I'm guessing that you only have one speed.....FULL SPEED! Sheesh woman! You're making the rest of us look bad :) How sweet you are to sit and chat with your neighbor :) Your heart is showing again!

Crazy Amy said...

thanks ladies! @ Nadine - of course I"m gonna worry - that's what we do! @ Karen - when I was chatting with her she showed me her pantry *DINTY MOORE and off the shelf boxed dinners* ugh I've made two extra personal size pot pies that I'll run over tomorrow to put in her freezer. I think I'll make her some soups to freeze too. I can't imagine living on that stuff.

Regena said...

look at you being all neighborly and thoughtful. ;-)

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