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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today I must leave,,,

my garden in the hands of my darling husband. Need I say I am a bit concerned?

I know he "can" do, now "will" he do it? It takes some discipline to water every day those hanging plants and the morning glory out on the front step. If the weather gets warm, I may come home to a bunch of twigs stuck in clots of dried up dirt.

The hydrangea is about to bloom so I guess I'll miss that, and I know that stinking Wisteria won't bloom again this year so I have nothing to worry about there.

There is something muching on the dahlia's in the front bed and I may come home to those being wiped out.

Should I really worry so much?


jillytacy said...

I can understand why you'd worry. You've put a lot of time energy and love into your gardens. of course you'd worry.

Regena said...

Bye-bye Amykins!!!
I'll pray for you and your flowers!

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