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Monday, May 16, 2011

Creativity that I find amazing

I love Etsy. I know some of you do too. There are two things I really enjoy - Pounce and then the front page items. Both really get me all sucked into things.

I found these and I'm loving this artists work. "Leap of Faith" by Mama Gourds. I mean really? how did she do that?

Then we can discuss favorites and circle and all the fun stuff that people like that you didn't know they liked.

It's addictive and wonderful!

Have you Etsy'd today? I have.


Denise said...

lovin' her boobies!

Regena said...

that is so cute and I can't even explain

Crazy Amy said...

i know right? geesh I may have to have her for my bday :)

Karen said...

I can't stop looking at her! I love her! I'd love anything she has in her shop. Totally love that snowman too!

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