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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Nature has a way of making just stand back and go "how did you do that?" Like when I look at little seedlings and think about having planted the seed into the dirt and now it's all green and poking up through the earth.

Then when it's getting it's own personality and roaring up to see the sun, I just wonder how it happened. Oh remember all that stuff from biology but it really truly happens all the time and in my own front yard.

I showed you the sprouts of gladiolas, but look at them now? all tall and bold.

They've almost caught up to the dinner plate dahlia behind it that I planted a month earlier.

Then look I already have pole beans too? There were 3 but I snacked on one :)

Here's a Dahlia by our front door that I bought as a plant. It's it all cheerful to greet visitors?


Regena said...

wow!!! you've done a really nice job in your oasis!

Denise said...

Beautiful flowers! I can't wait to see them throughout the season!

jillytacy said...

So beautiful! I'm enjoying seeing your garden bloom!

Karen said...

What a lovely lovely garden my green thumbed friend :)

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