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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finishing Up the Bathroom

Today was a long a day for a Saturday. Our painter Lance, was here at 6:45 to do the last few touch ups to the bathroom and work on the paint of our front door. He wanted to be done with the bathroom before Patrick the handy man got here to do the sink.

A couple things on the pictures, I don't like my soap and lotion dispensers in the bathroom anymore even though I love them. They don't work now that the bathroom is so much lighter. Same for the rugs and the towels. I need to get some soft greens and taupe's I think. Overall, I am happy.

I'm not entirely thrilled with loosing all the towel bars or the fact that the hook on the back of the door is so high now. This is what happens when I get put between Mike and the handi-men.

I think I'll get one of those counter stand hand towel racks and go ahead and put the towel bar back under the window.

I was able to line the shelves and put everything back away so tomorrow I can move back into to using my owner bathroom again. The painter said shelf paper was an old lady thing. I don't use contact paper, but either scented papers or that no slip stuff. Do any of you still use shelf paper? or did I become an old lady and not know it?

Note, this was a minor remake as one day in the life of owning this home, I want to turn our kitchen and when I do, I will move the main wall of the bathroom out and completely redo everything in there. But until I have a cool 70 grand laying around, this will have to do.


Regena said...

you became an old lady without even knowing it. LOL I don't think I have ever used or seen shelf paper.
Nice colors.

jillytacy said...

I like the lighter color in the bathroom. It turned out great! I don't think you turned into an old lady, but I don't use shelf liner or paper.

Karen said...

I guess I'm an old lady too. I have scented shelf paper in all our bedroom dresser drawers and fun patterned contact paper in the bathroom drawers. I have the non-slip shelf paper in the kitchen untensil drawers. I like it! You and I were raised right :) Ha! Love the new look and I'm with you....put that towel bar back!

Denise said...

Loving the bathroom and I guess I'm an old lady too. I have shelf paper in every drawer and on every shelf in my house. I think it helps keep stuff cleaner and looks cute too.
Love the soap and lotion dispensers. Too bad they don't match any more.
The bathroom is great and it will be fun to get new stuff!

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