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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last night's JL meeting...

So last night was the night. The night we gave the two wonderful ladies that help our event a thank you presentation. The league gave them awards and our committee chair gave them a thank you package. In that package were the aprons I made. "no pressure here". Anyway, here they are in the their aprons. They look pretty cute!

Several things happened at the meeting last night. The Helen Newcomb award was presented and the sustainer that was presented gave one of the most sincere speeches I've ever heard.

Then the new board of directors for next year was inducted :) yeah for our new president. The new members were made active members (yeah me!) with flowers and the JL pin.

The outgoing president then presented 4 president service awards. Our committee chair for the Kids in the Kitchen event was presented with the first award. We all sat together so during our congratulations to her, the president was starting the intro on the second award and our chair looked at me and said listen. Then I listened. I heard the word "crafty" then I heard "she's a great cook" and she helped "prep food for 500" and takes "charge" when needed...GO FIGURE. Then I heard my name. ....insert ::THUD:: here.

I was very honored and humbled to get this in a group of women that really exceed what I do. I just like to work and help.


Regena said...

You put in a lot of love and effort and done good!!
And you deserve to be recognized.

Karen said...

You can't hide who you are and you can't hide your heart for helping others. We all see it and we all know it :) Awesome!

jillytacy said...

Congrats! You deserve it! You are amazing and they recognize it! Yeah for you!
The aprons are super cute!

Denise said...

The aprons are great! you did a great job!

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